How to Maintain Your Gutters

It is important to regularly maintain the guttering on your home as it plays a very important role in protecting the structure of your property. The primary purpose of guttering is to catch excess rainfall and safely deposit it away from the foundations of your home, typically directing it to the drains at the exterior of your property. If your guttering is damaged or broken it may not be possible for the rainwater to be contained and carried away from the foundations. This could lead to water collecting at the foundation of your home, which can lead to devastating damage such as subsidence occurring. Check out our top tips on how to approach maintaining your gutters.


Tip 1 IconRemove Debris

Before you can check your gutters, you will need to remove any debris that may have collected and clean away any algae which may have formed on the surface. This both enables you to assess the overall condition of your guttering and improve its functionality. Once your guttering is clear you can test for damages by pouring water at one end and checking that the water does not leak. Should you find any issues it is important to ensure the necessary repairs are made.



Tip 2 IconPotential Hazards

If you are planning to carry out this work yourself then check your property for any potential hazards, to ensure that work is carried out safely. Always ensure your ladders are tall enough for you to comfortably carry out the job, check that they can be locked into place and rested onto a sturdy base before commencing work. Always work in easily reachable sections and climb down the ladder to reposition it when the section you are moving onto is not comfortably within reach.


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