How to Paint Skirting Boards

Freshly painted skirting boards can really help add the finish touches to a recently decorated room. If you are looking to redecorate, then why not read our top tips on how to paint your skirting boards.


Tip 1 IconRemove any Existing Paint

It is important to ensure any hardware such as door stops have been removed from the skirting board and the old paint is removed or rubbed down prior to repainting. This helps to smooth out any uneven finishes on the surface. Sanding is the most common method used to achieve this. However, it is important to determine the makeup of the existing paint to ensure it is removed safely, as some paint types should not be removed in this way.


If you are carrying this work out yourself, then ensure that you have the suitable attire and and lay down some dust sheets. Once you have completed this, you should clean the surface with a damp cloth to prevent dust from becoming caught up in the paint and causing an uneven finish.


Tip 2 IconPreparations

Before you paint, it is advisable to apply masking tape directly above and below the skirting. If you don’t have the steadiest of hands, then this is a must to ensure a neat and tidy finishing line! Gather your paint and a suitable brush and you are ready to paint. When selecting your brush ensure that the paint brush is no larger than the depth of the skirting board and consider the material of the skirting board so you can choose a suitable paint type. Typically, skirting boards are made from wood, so a wood stain or paint would need to be applied.



Tip 3 IconPainting

If you will be applying gloss paint then ensure you have enough paint on your brush to per stroke. However, be careful not overpaint an area, as this can lead to runs of paint or brush marks forming. If you choose to apply further coats then ensure you have left ample time for the paint to dry in between. Once you have finished painting, you can remove the masking tape and refit skirting door stops.


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