How to Put up a Washing Line

Make the most of the warmer weather by hanging your clothes, towels, and bed linens out to dry. Clothes dried in the sunshine maintain a lovely, long-lasting fresh scent whereas clothes dried indoors can often retain a damp, unpleasant odour. Freestanding drying racks take up indoor space and it is also much more cost effective to limit tumble dryer activity by hanging out your clothes and sheets on breezy, warm days. So, scroll down and read our simple guide on how to put up a washing line outdoors.


For this task you will need: chalk, ladder, drill with a 12mm (1/2 inch) drill bit, 12mm (1/2 inch) wall plugs, goggles for eye protection, hammer, small drill bit and matching plugs, large hook, pulley, cleat, washing line, metal line post (if you haven’t got a tree to attach the line).



Top Tip: Damp washing can be rather heavy, so you will need to use a heavy duty plug for your heavy duty hook. This will ensure that your line does not come down!


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Look at your wall and choose the position for the hook fitting. Use your ladder to reach the area safely and mark this position with a piece of chalk. Fit your drill with a large 12mm (1/2 inch) drill bit. Put your safety goggles on and drill the hole.


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With your goggles still on, blow into the hole to remove the brick dust. Ensure that the rim is flush with the wall by using a hammer to tap the wall plug into the hole. The wall plug should fit nice and snug. You can then screw the hook into the plug.


Top Tip: If you are working solo, it’s a good idea to wear a tool belt so that you can carry your equipment with you up the ladder.


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Attach a cleat to the wall at a point directly below the hook. Use this to secure the washing line when its raised to its highest position.


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Hold the cleat to the wall and mark the screw hole positions. With your eye protection still on, swap the drill bit for a smaller one and drill the holes where indicated. Put a wall plug into each hole and screw the cleat into place.


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You will need the ladder again for this step as you tie the washing line to a sturdy tree or post.


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Thread the end of the line through the pulley and hang it from the hook. Pull the washing line taut and secure the loose end around the cleat.


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