How to Replace a Door Knob in 10 Steps

Updating your internal doors with new chic door knobs can work wonders for your interior décor. For steps on how to replace a door knob, scroll down!


For this task you will need: a screwdriver, measuring tape, brand new door latches and door knobs.


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Start by removing the screws on the rose of your door knobs. This will enable you to pull the door knob away from its position on the door.


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Pull both door knobs away the door simultaneously. The central 8mm spindle that connects the door knob through the latch will also be removed at this stage.


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Loosen the screws on the latch fixing plate and remove it, then slide the latch out of the door.


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Remove the strike plate on the door frame using the screwdriver.


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Measure the distance from the centre of the hole in the door across to the edge. This measurement is called the backset which is important to know if you are looking to replace your existing latch.


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Open your Handle King package and take the contents out of the packaging. Our range of modern and antique doors knobs are supplied complete as a pair with an 8mm spindle and wood screws required for fitting. Our selection of door latches are available in 2.5 Inch / 45mm backset and 3 Inch / 57mm backset to suit your installation. Available in a variety of finishes including brass, matte black, copper, polished and satin stainless steel; our door latches are designed to match our contemporary range of knobs and door handles.


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Insert your new latch and secure it into place with the supplied screws.


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Attach the new strike plate to the door frame.


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Begin by inserting the door knob with the spindle fixing, passing it through the latch mechanism in the door. Screw the fixings securely into place.


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Line up the other door knob with the spindle and fit to the door.


Your door knob installation should now be complete! If you are thinking about carrying out more DIY home improvement projects, discover our wide range of door furniture online. Need to contact us? Our award-winning customer service team are available to answer any query that you may have!


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