How to Stop a Door from Squeaking

There is nothing more annoying than a squeaky door, especially when someone in the house is moving around whilst you’re trying to sleep! There’s a simple solution to this issue, so sit back, take a deep breath and continue reading for the answers!


The creaking noise is a result of friction within the hinge that can increase over time due to continuous opening and closing of the door. This is considered general wear which can often be resolved with a lubricant. Experiencing the squeaking noise with a newly fitted door may indicate that the hinges have been fitted out of alignment and may need adjusting.


Lubricating the Hinge


If general wear is the case, try the easiest option first by lubricating the hinge without removing it. We recommend graphite lubricant which can be applied to the hinge pin to reduce the friction. Move the door into the open and closed position a few times to manoeuvre the graphite around the hinge pin and assess whether the lubricant has worked.


If this hasn’t worked, then depending on the type of hinge fitted, you may be able to remove the hinge pin, clean it and then lubricate it. Remove the door from the frame and look for the hinge pin head that sits between the flat leaves of the hinge. Pull the pin out from the leaves and clean the grease and grime with a disposable cloth or a piece of kitchen roll. Directly apply a graphite lubricant to the hinge pin before reassembling. Ensure a secure fit then open and close the door again to determine whether this technique has worked.



Rusty Hinges


Hinges that are old and rusty are past resurrection. You will need to replace these hinges to eliminate the irritating squeak. Our exclusive selection of high-quality door hinges is suitable for every internal door at home. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes, our door hinges will instantly update the performance and aesthetic of your doors.


For a cohesive interior theme, choose door hinges to complement your existing metallic elements. We’re seeing a rise in the appearance of copper and black finishes in fashion-forward homes, from decorative accessories to larger furnishings and feature wall embellishments.


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