How to Style a Holiday Home

We all love a holiday, so we can see why destination homes have become increasingly popular over the years. Whether it’s the climate, culture or food calling you back, there’s plenty of pro’s to owning your own get-away space. It’s great to break away from daily life, recharge the batteries and enjoy some activities in the comfort of your own holiday home!


When we think of a holiday, we tend to picture blue skies, sea and sandy shores but not all properties are by the beach. Like with any style of property, there’s various interior designs that can help bring life, interest and function to a space. From seaside UK cottages to Moroccan style villas and quaint apartments, there’s a holiday home for everyone and we’re here to give you a few tips on styling!



Tip 1 IconConsiderations…

Before you dive into decorating, it’s important to consider the primary use of the property as this will guide your interior styling. Factors to consider include the frequency of travel to the holiday home and the number of people who will be staying. Planning before embarking on a redesign project will give you a clearer understanding of what features are required within the environment. Remember, furnishing and decorating a property for a family with children will greatly differ to the desires of a middle-aged couple whose children have flown the nest.


Tip 2 IconStyle Themes & Colour Schemes

Subtly is key when furnishing a holiday home. Whether you’re renovating from scratch or updating the current décor, simplicity in design will ensure that the property appears timeless whilst easy to maintain. Minimum cleaning means more time relaxing during your time away… bliss!


A utilitarian design is perfect for all types of holidaymaker. This concept lends itself to the idea that the space facilitates daily activities through efficient design as all furniture and accessories have a purpose. For a timeless aesthetic, focus your design approach on comfort more so than details with staple furnishings and organic finishes for a fresh, summery feel. Bring nature to every room of the house by choosing natural wood furniture, cotton, leather and linens for curtains, cushions and sofas.


Your surroundings should aid your relaxation; you can’t go wrong with calming neutral shades and a hint of colour. Choose white, cream, stone and beige shades to paint the walls and keep furniture cohesive by matching it to the walls of your interior. Add a pop of colour, such as blush pink or blue, with a curated selection of big, plump throw cushions. This little feature will add luxury and comfort to your holiday home whilst keeping you snug at night time (even in warmer, summer climates!)


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Tip 3 IconAccessories!

For a modern aesthetic, install stunning door handles to the interior doors throughout your property; maintaining a cohesive style with your chosen finish. The polished and satin finish on stainless steel and chrome are equally as beautiful with long-lasting, durable qualities. Embellish your front door with a 6 pin double euro cylinder lock to ensure that your holiday home is safe and secure when your away from the property. The anti-pick and anti-drill technology offer a heightened level of security to protect your home. The addition of a night latch front door lock will also increase security by locking automatically from the moment you shut the door, double locking from the outside and deadlocking from the inside when staying at home and overnight.


A splash of blue with timber accents can help give holiday homes a true beach house aesthetic (even if you live far from the sea!). Place a timber coffee table in front of your living room sofa and feature wicker baskets in open cabinet spaces as a storage solution. Create a seaside vibe by embellishing a few nautical accessories around your get-away space. Forget the classic ship ornaments, anchors and rope prints, think subtle blue stripe bedding and artwork inspired by shades of the ocean.


Utilise space in the living room to encourage socialising by featuring a large sofa and dining table. This practical feature is perfect for hosting friends and families by keeping everyone together. If children and pets are expected, place fragile accessories such as vases and sculptures out of the way to eliminate unwanted damage to valuables.


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