Impress with Dining Room Décor

When it comes to interiors, details and small changes can have a great impact on the overall aesthetic. When working on home improvements, we tend to focus on the areas that get the most use such as the living room, bathroom and bedroom. Dining areas are often forgotten and it’s time to think about reviving this space! Whatever your space and budget, we’ve got some tips to encourage more sit-down meals at home and impress your guests with these dining room décor ideas!


With today’s busy lifestyle, the typical ‘meal time’ dining has evolved from conversation with family members at the table to a quick-tea-on-a-tray in front of the telly. From dinner to homework, the dining area should be a versatile place to suit every member of the household.


Not everyone gravitates towards colour which is why so many incorporate safe neutrals in their colour scheme. Upgrade your dining area with showstopping metallic lighting. Copper and brass light shades offer a touch of sophistication and warmth which beautifully complements wooden furniture and wood effect vinyl flooring. Whether its your kitchen, living room or dining room that your updating, you can incorporate additional metallic elements to tie it all together. Replace your existing kitchen cupboard handles with stylish cupboard knobs, T-bars or cup handles in a luxury copper or polished brass finish.



Alternatively, you can feature cupboard handles in a matte black, satin chrome or polished stainless steel finish to offer a cohesive fit with your existing metallic hues.


Deciding on a dining table centre piece doesn’t need to be difficult. You may want to feature flowers in a vase, eye-catching candle sticks, a potted plant or an assemblage of objects. Make sure to coordinate your feature piece with other shades from the colour palette of your room. A classic transparent vase with a bunch of flowers is always a winner or if you fancy something a little more daring, you can display an assemblage of decorative objects. Play around with textures and sizes and follow a minimalist approach to avoid a cluttered appearance. For large dining tables, feature a combination of decorative elements such as candle holders either side of a floral centre piece.


Matching tableware transforms dining tables from boring and bland to sumptuous and chic! Table dressing is all about layering and this includes a table runner, placemats, drink mats, dinnerware, barware and silverware. Set the table right and make the most of your meal times with luxury, contemporary or traditional touches.


Dining rooms that are separate to the kitchen and living room should ideally have a door wedge in place to keep the room open and inviting. Make the most of the natural lighting by opening blinds and curtains then maximise the light by featuring a large mirror on the wall.


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