Interior Design Buzzwords: Part Three

Like any industry, Interior Design has its buzzwords. With new, evolving and revolutionised design trends, there’s plenty to try and keep up with. If you love all things interior styling, then you’ll need to know the meaning of certain words in order to fully understand what bloggers, interior designers and industry experts are on about! So, without hesitation, let’s get into it with part three of our guide to interior design buzzwords!


Tip 1 IconReimagined

This buzzword is usually referred to when discussing a new concept for an interior. To ‘reimagine’ a space means to completely reinterpret without boundaries or constraints. A reimagined space requires an eye for detail, spatial awareness and an understanding of the simple design principles in order to improve upon the existing interior. A reimagined space may be completely different to the original design or it can feature few changes to transform what already exists into an updated version.


For example, think of your bathroom at home. Now reimagine how it could appear with improvements. Perhaps you would update the flooring to a new luxury floor installation, then switch out the old door hardware to modern door handles with matching thumb turn and release. To achieve a cohesively styled interior space, you may replace the current amenities with new, high-quality bathroom accessories that coordinate with the finish of your architectural hardware.


Tip 2 IconClean

A ‘clean’ look or ‘clean’ line suggests minimalism and refers to a linear and uncluttered style with no frills. A minimal interior is characterised by clean, crisp lines and a modern design that is surprisingly family-friendly as these spaces enable the ability to move around freely. Reduced visual noise and distraction in clean spaces can help lower feelings of stress and anxiety at home, improving upon the wellbeing of all family members. A bit of creativity in small spaces can help maximise on elbow room which is something we’ve discussed in our blog: 3 Solutions for Styling a Small Bedroom.



Tip 3 IconElevated

In interior design, ‘elevate’ refers to something that’s been kicked up a notch or taken to another level through styling. To elevate a rooms aesthetic, you may consider subtle improvements by updating decorative features and accessories with new contemporary styles. The comfort of a room can also be elevated by adding a variety of textured cushions to the sofa and draping a luxury, thick faux fur throw blanket over the back-rest cushion.


Another way to elevate your home design is to paint the skirting boards of your home in the same colour as your walls as you get all the architectural interest without trimming off any of the room’s height or breadth. This is a great technique for unifying space and maximising on the effect of brightly painted or dark coloured walls.


Tip 4 IconEnergy

Interior design influences how you feel as energy is released through the aesthetic aspects of colour schemes, possessions, illusion of space and layout. The question to ask is ‘how do you feel while in this space?’. Colour choice can psychologically impact on your mood; white is often associated with purity and cleanliness and green perpetuates feelings of calm and soothing.


TIP: When designing a room, you’ll want to establish the energy you want it to emit. Energetic and joyful? Warm and intimate? If you’re new to DIY home improvements, our failproof recommendation is to choose a neutral shade for the largest areas (like walls and flooring), a soothing colour for furniture and other sturdy items. Then, throw some interest into the mix by picking a third more dramatic colour to pop in your statement accessories and décor.


Our crackle glazed door knobs are an ideal choice for trendy sherbet colour scheme rooms as the pink shade is known for its romantic qualities, often associated with relaxation. The mortice door knob in the white glaze finish looks exceptional on white painted timber doors as it seamlessly blends into the door for a unified aesthetic - perfect for minimalist interiors characterised by simplicity!


Tip 5 IconCurated

Now this is a buzzword we’re seeing more of! A curated interior is a design that incorporates distinct style with a point of view; drawing from personal style and taste that’s more than a trend, it speaks to you time and again. The scope of curated home decor is vast as your home speaks volumes about your personality and identity while also adding an emotional angle to it. Curating interiors is about carefully choosing new furniture or accessories and mixing it with pieces that you already own to improve upon its previous state and reflect your signature style through self-expression.


Curating interiors requires great designing and creative skills as you create comfort and peace in your home. Not everything needs to be expensive to be quality, it’s about choosing the right materials for the right purpose that survives the test of time in busy homes.


And there you have it; part three to our guide on Interior Design buzzwords! We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blogs and be sure to visit our Pinterest for more inspiration!