Love Sleep with Bedroom Interior Design

Who here loves their bed? During the work week we think about sleeping in on weekends and cosying up with a Netflix series at night. We apply fresh sheets and snuggle up to the aroma of lush fabric softener… bliss!


While we all love our bed, many of us are experiencing sleep related issues and are therefore facing exhaustion in the morning. No matter how many coffee’s you have at your desk, it just isn’t the same as having had a great night’s sleep.


To combat the issue, we’re offering our interior design tips and tricks so that you can get the restful night’s sleep you’ve been daydreaming about!


Initially, you need to analyse whether your making smart decisions before bed. The late-night Netflix binge or that second serving of dinner you had isn’t helping you to wind down. Make bedtime all about resting with no distractions to help your body slip into a state of relaxation.


Tip 1 IconDeclutter

Clutter causes stress. Then the thought about having a huge tidy-up in your free time causes stress… it’s a vicious cycle of stress that can be easily broken! You just need to get organised.


Keeping organised is all about routine. But first you need to dispose of anything that you can live without. Make some time on the weekend for a clear out, throwing away rubbish and putting away items, then give your room a clean and a hoover. Excess stimuli can cause overwhelming feelings of anxiety and so decluttering helps to reduce the chaos in your mind.


Try to hang up clean clothes and when items have been worn, put them straight into the wash basket. Once you’ve done it a few times it becomes routine and you’re less likely to fall back into messy ways!


An excess of teddies or pillows on the bed can also induce feelings of tension. Keep your bed simple, clutter-free and inviting, ensuring that you make it every morning so it’s ready for when bedtime hits.


Knurled Stainless Steel Door Handles on Rose



Tip 2 IconLighting & Thermal Comfort

Whether its natural or artificial, simple adjustments of lighting in your bedroom can aid in getting your mind and body ready for bed.


Invest in a bedside lamp that features multiple light strength settings. This way you can set the intensity of the lighting for the mood and ambience you wish to create. If bright streetlights or early sunrises are affecting your sleep pattern, opt for black out curtains. This type of curtain offers the added benefit of room insulation while also assisting to block out noise from the outside; perfect for urban living or for homes near railway tracks and motorways.


Tip 3 IconColour

For inviting, restful bedrooms, calm colours are exactly what you need. Bold, statement shades, such as bright yellow and fuchsia pink, are aesthetically pleasing when delicately weaved into patterns but not so delightful when plastered all over the walls. Stick to pale cool tone hues such as white, cream, beige and grey for your wall paint. Fuse bolder shades and brighter colours into the room through placement of cushions, flowers and artwork.


For those who want to add some extra interest to their interior, choose a patterned wallpaper for a stylish single wall feature. Keep the palette neutral and decorate the room with simple furnishings and pieces, all the while avoiding clutter. For instance, a bedside lamp and a candle.


TIP: Get yourself a digital clock for your bedside as this will deter you from picking up your phone. Checking the time on your phone can turn into checking your emails and so forth; thus keeping you awake.


Tip 4 IconComfort

Comfort connotes feelings of contentment, which you feel when you know you’re safe and secure in your home. To maximise these feelings, embellish your doors with sturdy and copper knurled door handles. Projecting warm, industrial tones, this style of door handle offers a luxury ambience and visual depth while also feeling robust and secure in hand. The satin stainless steel and matte black version are modern alternatives to the copper finish, providing a stylish option for all interior colour palettes.


Finally, you should consider how comfy you feel in bed! If you share with your partner, it’s important to have a bed that comfortably supports both of your spatial needs. If the mattress is the issue, it might be time to invest in a new one! Over time a mattress can interfere with your sleep as it loses its shape and begins to sag, creating an uneven surface.


Choose soft, simple bedding that helps to maintain your thermal comfort. For healthy, consistent air quality, open the window first thing in the morning and close it before you leave for work. This quick task will encourage fresh air flow, ceasing stuffiness and reducing moisture inside.


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interior design, check out our previous blog Interior Design Buzzwords!