Mid-century Modern Interiors

What is mid-century modern design?


Characterised by sleek, simple and iconic elements, the mid-century modern interior style is irresistibly stylish with minimal adornment, clean lines and a strong connection to nature.


Popularised during the 1940’s with the newfound prosperity that followed World War II, mid-century style was derived from new technologies and materials. The designs of the era were also influenced by the migration to urban areas and the smaller living spaces that homeowners had to work with.


Colour schemes and palettes


The traditional mid-century colour palette featured a range of shades from bright hues in the 1950’s to earthy colours and neutrals in the 1960’s. Fast forward to modern day and there’s plenty of interior and architectural inspiration that blends mid-century style with modern components.


This captivating design works with a variety of different shades so it’s easy to style in existing interiors. Adding a touch of contemporary flair, such as matte black accents and crisp white walls, brings this style up-to-date for a timeless aesthetic. Pastel shades and muted hues also work well when styling mid-century modern interior spaces.



Materials and accessories


Staple mid-century pieces feature plenty of wood finishes on lightweight, thin-framed furniture. A classic statement chair with slender wooden legs presents a real focal point in any interior. Add a hint of modern visual interest by accessorising the chair with a shaggy textured, faux fur cushion. Over time, you may consider streamlining the wood finish aesthetic by pairing your furniture piece with a coffee table, drawer set or cabinet.


Create a mid-century modern aesthetic at home with medium-toned stain internal doors. The unique appearance of panel shapes in the interior door will give a contemporary space that retro mid-century style. Embellish interior doors with matte black door handles on rose for a chic, fashionable aesthetic. Featuring a combination of straight lines and strong edges on the handle lever, our new-in matte black door handles with robust design possesses the contemporary qualities that will instantly update the look of mid-century style.


Maintain design cohesiveness by pairing the matte black door handles with coordinating door furniture throughout your property. This may include hinges, a lock and black escutcheons on a key locking bedroom or office door. Our 3 lever lock for internal doors in smooth matte black finish appeals to the eye with its luxurious dark hue. Indicate your exquisite attention to detail by embellishing high-quality door furniture.


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