Minor Repairs Before Selling Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home then it is important to ensure your property is looking its best. A potential buyer will be assessing the condition of your home, considering any possible repair works that they will have to undertake. General maintenance tasks are the priority as this will enable you to assess the condition that your property is in and give you the opportunity to rectify any areas of concern. Check out our top tips on key areas to check before selling your home.


Tip 1 IconRoof

Check that there are no broken or missing roof tiles and if there are then replace these to prevent rainwater leaking into the property. Leaks from the roof could lead to much more serious issues arising such as damp forming within the home, so ensure to check your loft for leaks, any signs of daylight streaming through the roof could indicate a broken or missing tile.


Tip 2 IconWindows and Doors

Check that the sealant around any external doors is intact, this will help to prevent draughts and show that you have looked after the property. It is also worth checking that your window and door hinges operate smoothly and that door locks are functioning correctly.



Tip 3 IconGuttering

Check that the guttering is clear. It is important that this is maintained so that any rainwater can flow freely, preventing any water damage occurring to your home. Once your gutters are clear of debris you will be able to check for any leaks.


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