Monochrome Madness

Super sleek and ultra-modern monochrome is back! The fabulous thing about this trend is that it is can be as subtle or as striking as you like and is relatively inexpensive to achieve. It is a fantastic way to add a modern twist to a tudor-style home by accentuating its dark beams and striking window frames, but you can also create this look in a modern home. Check out our top tips below for idea’s on how to design your perfect monochrome home.


Tip 1 IconTone

The first thing you need to establish is the tone of your walls, in terms of how light or dark you wish to paint them. It is worth bearing in mind that your room will feel brighter and more spacious if you paint it a light colour, but warmer and more muted if painted in a deeper shade. As a rule of thumb a smaller room will benefit from a lighter shade, whereas larger rooms tend to absorb a deeper shade better. Whatever you choose, it is important to establish your base colour first so you can best decide how to accessorise your room.


Tip 2 IconAccessories

First you need to decide on the overall look you are hoping to achieve. Contrast is key for achieving a dramatic effect, but subtlety can often help to create a more relaxed and serene space. Create a striking result by pairing white washed walls with bold features, a black fireplace, black door handles and curtain poles, for example, could be used to exaggerate the overall impression of the room. Alternatively you could layer shades of grey throughout your room to achieve a softer and more subtle effect. Why not consider grey accessories, for example a soft grey marbled fireplace paired with either anthracite grey or chrome door handles and a decorative mirror to achieve a luxurious finish.


Tip 3 IconTexture

Texture is absolutely key when designing a monochrome room, as it can be used to inject a sense of warmth and luxury into your space. Think plush velvet cushions, warm throws and decadent curtains. Rugs can also be introduced to a tiled or boarded floor to add a little luxury and soften the appearance of the space. For ultimate dramatic effect, bold geometric prints can be introduced in your soft furnishings to create a striking focal point within your room.


Tip 4 IconColour

Don’t be afraid to introduce aspects of colour if you feel inspired to! If you feel your room would benefit from an injection of colour you can use the monochrome look as a platform on which to introduce colour. The simplest way to so this is to introduce some bright accessories such as decorative cushion covers and paintings. For example, primrose yellow works especially well with soft grey hues to add a little lift into your space, whereas pillar box red is ideal for a statement room proudly displaying bold geometric prints, so adapt the look as you wish to create your perfect space!


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