National Gardening Week

Now is the prime time to transform your garden into an oasis of calm and serenity in time for the summer. With the last of the spring bulbs about to die down for another year, it is an essential time to get planting in order to maintain a splash of colour in your garden throughout the summer months and an essential time for nurturing any edibles to protect them from adverse weather and insects and birds that may otherwise reap the benefit of your crop!


Tip 1 IconMow the Lawn

What better way to start National Gardening Week than by mowing the lawn, ready for the family to enjoy as the weather improves. Remember to pick a dry day to start mowing, ensuring that the grass is dry before you start. It is important to remember to only take a little off the length initially and reduce the length gradually over time, to preserve the ongoing health of your lawn.


Tip 2 IconRestore Garden Furniture

If you have not already prepared your garden furniture it is worth doing this sooner rather than later, so you can sit back and enjoy the sunshine as the summer weather really sets in. Wooden furniture, gates and benches in particular require regular maintenance to ensure longevity, so be sure to get varnishing if you have not already done so, remembering to remove any ironmongery such as garden gate latches and gate hinges prior to commencing work.



Tip 3 IconMaintain Existing Plants

De-weeding is an essential part of preparing your garden for the summer months ahead. This helps not only to ensure your plants have enough room to blossom, but to determine where you have space to plant new ones. In addition, any edibles that you planted in spring may need protecting by fleeces in the event of frost and summer berries would benefit from netting to prevent pests from eating your crop.


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