Our Top DIY Shed Storage Solution

Cluttered sheds can be a headache. From garden tools, watering cans and buckets to paint and paintbrushes, there just never seems to be enough space for everything in the shed. Avoid any further cluttering and get the shed organised with our top shed storage solution!


Sheds have great storage potential, but they often need a bit of maintenance to keep them from looking neglected! If your shed is unsafe, then its better to demolish it and build a new one. However, if it’s simply just a bit old, tired and unorganised then give it a new lease of life with a quick storage makeover!


Tip 1 IconMake sure the shed panels are firmly attached to each other at the corners. If the joints are loose, simply tighten the screws.


Tip 2 IconOil the hinges and replace them if rusty. We offer a variety of tee hinges in various sizes and finishes to suit many types of door.


Tip 3 IconCheck the roof for any leaking. If the roofing felt is loose, simply reattach it with galvanised nails. If its past resurrection, remove it and replace with new felt roofing.


Simple shelf brackets like our white shelf brackets are budget-friendly and perfect for sheds and outbuildings thanks to their versatile and adaptable design. All you have to do is mark the position of your shelves on the vertical supports in your shed and use a spirit level to ensure that the brackets are all positioned at the same height.


White Shelf Bracket for Small Shelving 100mm x 75mm
White Shelf Bracket 200mm x 150mm Medium Shelf Bracket
White Shelf Bracket for Wall Shelving 250mm x 200mm


Screw the shelf brackets securely in place. Place a simple plank of wood cut to size on the shelf brackets then screw the brackets to the underside of the shelf as this will ensure that it stays in place when loaded with items. You will need one bracket at each end of a short shelf, and one or more in the middle if it’s considerably longer.


Once the shelf is finished, you can think about adding extra storage solutions to make finding bits and bobs a little easier! Start forming a collection of jars to remove labels from and wash them thoroughly. Attach the lids of the jars on the underside of your shelf with two screws. Fill the jars with screws, nails and other small items that can easily go missing. Simply twist the jar back to the lid and admire your organised possessions! This quirky tip makes good use of space under shelves and doesn’t require any labels to indicate what’s inside!


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