Preparing Your Garden for Sunshine

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. The daffodils are blooming, and the British woodlands are blossoming with the colours of the rainbow. We’re ready for garden weather (think BBQ’s on the patio) but is our garden ready for us? It’s time to start preparing the garden for longer, warmer days so here’s our guide for getting it sorted!


Tip 1 IconKill the Weeds

The first thing on your to do list should be to kill and remove the weeds. These pesky things rise in the crevice of the patio and ruin the aesthetic of the stone or brick. An infestation of unsightly weeds calls for some hard graft.


To make the job simple, you’ll want to gather all the essentials before starting. Get a tight-fitting pair of hand gloves, a billhook and boil the kettle. You may want to try a variety of natural remedies, so fetch some salt, white vinegar and baking soda to use with the boiled water.


Weeds are easier to extract when the ground is wet. Pour generous amounts of saltwater solution that is 3 parts water to 1 part salt, into your patio cracks. Wait a moment for it to sink in, taking care not to burn yourself, then place the billhook at the root and slice! Continue this activity until all the weeds are removed. Be wary that weeds are resilient pests and this process may need repeated action over the next few weeks.


Tip 2 IconMow the Lawn

Don’t you just love the sound of the lawn mower? That noise just indicates garden weather and we’re all for migrating outside for the vitamin D!

 Top Tip! Only mow grass when the ground is dry, so consider this before bringing out the jet washer! We suggest that you follow the “1/3rd rule”, making sure not to mow down more than a third of the total height of your grass each mowing. This will keep turf looking fresh and healthy.


Ensure that the ground is clear of toys and debris before starting the process. For an even cut across the garden, mow back and forth in straight lines with a slight overlap.


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Tip 3 IconPatio Jet Wash

Pressure washing is quick and effective at thoroughly cleaning stone, brick and decking. It’s a great alternative to manual scrubbing as it washes away dirt, algae and moss. Wear protective eyewear and appropriate working clothes as you may get splashed!


Before starting, use an outdoor bristle broom to clear away any large, loose pieces of dirt and debris such as leaves. Connect your hose to your pressure washer and work away at your patio using a mixture of circular and straight up and down motions. Once you’ve finished this task, the patio will look clean, clear and good as new!


Tip 4 IconRepair or Update Fencing & Gates

The elements can be rather harsh on your garden during the winter, causing fencing and gates to become weak and battered. To repair a sagging fence gate, you will need replacement gate hinges.


Gate furniture must to be robust and durable, so choose heavy duty gate hinges that will last throughout the seasons. For contemporary properties, hinges presented in a zinc plating offers a neutral and weather resistant finish. The hinges will provide a soft and subtle aesthetic on brightly painted gates, complementing the seamless blend of paint and hardware.


For gardens that feature shades of black in furniture and fixtures, you can make a statement with heavy duty gate hinges with black epoxy finish. They look superb on gates of all colours and style, appearing trendy in outdoor spaces. The sizing options range from 300mm to 400mm to 450mm, offering a solution for a variety of gate measurements.


Complete the look of your garden gate by adding a stylish ring gate latch in the same epoxy black finish. The circular scalloped-edge rose adds a touch of elegance to a quaint countryside residence.


If the fencing looks tired and old, you can revive it with a fresh lick of paint. Choose a paint that will withstand seasonal conditions and decide on a shade of colour. Ensuring a liberal application, paint the fence to fully penetrate the timber. Repeat this activity on sheds and summer houses that need a bit of TLC.



Tip 5 IconFinishing Touches

The garden will be looking super refreshed by this point, now it’s time to prepare the furniture ready to sit back and reap the rewards of your hard work. Retrieve your furniture from storage and set it up in position on the patio. Using a simple dish wash detergent with warm water and sponge, give tables and chairs a quick clean to clear out the cobwebs and make glass sparkle.


Tend to your flourishing flowers and pot plants regularly and place a squirrel feeder in the garden to attract wildlife. Now sit back and relax… take a sip of lemonade on ice and enjoy the sun shining days!


We hope to inspire your home DIY projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. For more home improvement inspiration, check out our previous blog Stay on Trend Without Breaking the Bank.