Renting: 3 Ways to Make it Homely

There’s plenty of challenges faced when trying to get on the property ladder. First-time buyers express their difficulty in finding affordable properties that tick all the boxes. That’s why many find themselves renting for years before making such an investment.


You often hear renters express their desire to redecorate and change up their living space and perhaps you’ve thought about it too! Whether you live in a rented house, apartment or house share, there’s a certain limit to what’s permitted by your tenancy agreement.


Its always suggested that you seek permission from the landlord before tackling any DIY and home improvement projects, but if it’s easily reversible, there shouldn’t be an issue! There’s plenty you can do to make a rented space feel like home and its all in the details. You may not be able to change the colour paint, carpet or larger furnishings, but you can work around what’s already there. It’s true… minimal changes can dramatically affect the overall aesthetic of an interior!


Tip 1 IconWall Décor

Whether you’re renting furnished or unfurnished, the walls are yours to embellish. That’s if there’s existing wall hooks or you’ve been given the green light to install them. Walking past wall décor that you loathe, or dislike will only cause you to dwell on your negative feelings. Replace decorative pieces, such as canvas’s, clocks and mirrors with your own. Hanging up your own wall art or a feature that represents your personal style will elicit feelings of content in a private space that is yours.


Make sure to securely store away any items that were supplied with the property. Wrap items in bubble wrap to prevent them from breaking – you don’t want to lose your deposit when you eventually leave!


If wall hooks are out of the question, you can always tilt and lean your wall décor up against the surface. Full length oversized mirrors are a striking statement piece that not only entice the eye but also help to make smaller spaces look larger and brighter. This can be achieved by angling a mirror up against the wall to reflect light from the window. The same rule goes for wall art. You can tilt canvas’s up against a tall narrow console table or better yet, feature friends and family in photo frames.


Tip 2 IconFurniture and Textiles

If the layout of a room isn’t right for you, try moving furniture around to see what works best. Choose shades that will complement the existing colour scheme then scatter cushions and throws to add comfort. A variety of fabrics and textures will help encourage a cosy homely feel.


Adding some verdure to your rented home is always a great idea. Whether it’s a bright bunch of flowers, a green leafy Pothos or a large Yucca for the corner, there is plenty you can do with plants. Not only do they brighten up indoor spaces, plants have an air-purifying quality that benefit both physical and mental well-being.


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Tip 3 IconAccessories

They’re used every day, but we often neglect them. We put clean plates, cutlery and cups back into them but realistically, how often do we clean these spaces? It’s about time we give them a bit attention and an overdue cleanse.


There are some simple steps you can take to change up an interior’s aesthetic. The key is in the detail, and that detail may transform your kitchen from appearing outdated to modern! For a non-permanent home improvement project, replace kitchen cupboard and drawer handles with a contemporary style that better reflects your taste.


Polished chrome cabinet handles are a fantastic option that seamlessly blend with any style counter top and cupboard finish. For a unique alternative, there’s the industrial inspired copper drawer handles. This style captivates the eye when embedded within black kitchen furniture.


Kitchen cupboard handles are easy to install by yourself providing that you have the required screw driver to make the switch. When you move on from the rented home, you just replace the handles with the original ones.


Another feature you can add are over door hooks to hang towels and robes on the bathroom door or coats, bags and belts in the bedroom. Versatile in design, you can change the location of these hooks, using them as a storage solution to hang up anything that clutters the wardrobe…. or occasionally the floor!


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. For more interior inspiration, check out our previous blog Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget to find out how you can modernise your property!