Replacing a Board in a Wooden Fence

Closeboard fencing is simple to maintain and repair in the event of loosened or damaged boards. Closeboard fences are made by nailing vertical feathered-edge boards to horizontal timber rails that are mortised into vertical fence posts. Each board overlaps the other and can be finished by adding a clapping strip along the top edge. Softwood is the most common material for closeboard fences due to the attractive appearance, and its availability and affordable price point. If you’re looking to complete some garden improvements, follow our DIY guide on replacing a board in a wooden fence.

For this task, you will need: feather-edge boards, tenon saw, pencil, wood preservative, paintbrush, galvanised steel, claw hammer.


TOP TIP: Check with your neighbours before staring any fence repairs or projects.


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Remove all boards that need replacing. Rotten wood cannot be salvaged so it’s best to just discard of it. Keep hold of boards that are in a good condition as these can be repaired and reused. Remove any old nails using the claw component on your hammer.


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Use one of the old boards as a measurement guide so that you can mark the length on the new boards.


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Saw each board to the correct size.


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Treat the ends of the freshly cut boards with wood preservative. You can stain new boards to match your existing fence after it has been secured. If you’re planning on changing the colour of your entire fencing, clean up the old boards, then apply your new stain or paint.


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eather-edge boards are tapered towards one long side, that is, they have one thick edge and one thin one. Work from left to right, keeping the thick edge on the left. The next board should overlap the previous one by about 12mm.


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Space each board to match the existing fencing. Use sturdy galvanised steel nails to secure it to the cross rails, making sure that it does not pierce the board underneath.


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