Replacing Drawer Runners

Whether you’re repairing one or many existing faulty drawers at home, this guide on replacing drawer runners will help you complete your home improvements! Fitting new drawer runners can make a desk, dresser or cupboard drawer feel brand new.


The Basics


Drawer slides are designed to enable smooth operation on drawers around the home. Our selection of drawer runners are perfect for fitting to home storage systems and are ideal for kitchen spaces. Depending on the required measurement needed for installation, we offer three different closed length measurements including 350mm, 400mm and 450mm.


Each drawer runner set features a ball bearing mechanism with a soft close feature and a telescopic design. Ideal for furniture units and kitchen drawers, our drawer slides allow for full drawer extension which makes rummaging for smaller items at the back of the drawer much easier!


Designed with added sturdiness, the built-in ball bearing mechanism enables a smooth and quiet operation as well as a soft-close feature to prevent drawers from slamming shut.


To replace your existing drawer runners, you will need a tape measure, pozidrive screw driver, pencil and of course the new drawer runners and fixings.


Drawer Runners with Ball Bearing Telescopic Extension 450mm
Drawer Slides Set with Ball Bearing Sections 400mm
Drawer Runners 3 Section Telescopic Full Extension 350mm


Fitting Drawer Runners


Start by removing the drawer from the unit. Carefully pull the drawer out as far as it will go and begin removing the fixings that attach the runners to the sides of the drawers.


Removing the fixings will allow you to lift the drawer off the runners, after which you shall be able to access and unscrew further fixings that secure the runner to the unit.


Measure the length of the closed drawer runners with your tape measure and ensure that you jot down the correct length as well as the width of each runner.


If replacing the runners on multiple drawers, be sure to measure the runners from each drawer as variation can occur, even in the same unit.


Once your new drawer runners have arrived, you will need to align the guides for installation, completing the fit by screwing the new fixings. Repeat this process for every drawer. 


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