Simple Steps to Make Life Easy

The flowers have bloomed, the sun is shining, and the house is now well overdue a sort out. If you’ve been putting off your deep clean this year, it’s time to get it sorted! With our simple DIY tips for decluttering and organising, you’ll soon have your home and life in order! By focussing your space on what you love and throwing out the unwanted, you’ll have a clearer head to relax and enjoy your home.


Tip 1 IconMake it Simple

Approach the task of decluttering by doing one room at a time. Put together a checklist of what needs to be done in each room and tick off these tasks once completed. This is a great trick that many of us do when we’re packing to go travelling so that nothing is forgotten! Our tip is to be detailed with your tasks, for example, clearing out your wardrobe and cleaning your wardrobe interior may be two separate tasks. Today we’ll start with our bedroom edition!


Before you begin the challenge, get all the products and cleaning materials ready and ensure that you’re wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting dusty (or sweaty!).


Tip 2 IconWardrobes & Chest of Drawers

For a thorough, deep clean in the bedroom, take items out of your wardrobe and decide whether to keep, toss or donate by sieving everything into piles. For homeowners with built-in wardrobes, it’s time to get the hoover out and give it a blast on the interior. In addition to dust, condensation is a common issue in both fitted and standalone wardrobes which can be prevented with regular ventilation and discreet dehumidifier sachets.


Dust skirting boards and wardrobe rails to make sure everything’s clean before hanging your ‘keep’ pile up. Replace broken or sagging wardrobe rails with a new sleek polished chrome clothes rail pole. Available in a 2ft and 3ft length measurement, choose which suits your requirements and complete the installation with coordinated rail end brackets. To prevent any drooping of the wardrobe rail from heavy coats, fit the matching wardrobe rail centre bracket to provide additional support in the centre of the rail. This helpful little device can also be used to create a joint between two separate rails – perfect for the lucky ones with large wardrobes!


Keep handbags in dust bags and store your favourite shoes in clear stackable storage boxes. This little trick will make life simple the next time your pairing together an outfit or searching for shoes in your closet.


Follow the same method with your drawers, clearing out what’s no longer needed and cleaning the insides of the drawers with appropriate solutions for the material. If ever in doubt about what products are suitable, opt for a simple solution of warm water and washing up liquid, taking care not to drench surfaces and allowing it to dry before putting possessions back in.


Clothes Rail Pole for Wardrobes 19mm by 3ft Tube
Rail End Brackets for 19mm Clothes Hanging Rail
Wardrobe Rail Bracket Centre Fixing for 19mm Hanging Rail



Tip 3 IconSide Tables and Surfaces

Clear the top of your bedside tables and give the surface a dust and a wipe with warm soapy water. During this dry time, give your bedside possessions a dust and a wipe and return loose belongings back to their designated place.


If you tend to just throw everything into your side drawer, you may consider investing in some drawer organisers and storage solutions for those small bits and bobs. Clear storage containers are a great investment as they offer transparency so things can quickly and easily be found. Say ‘goodbye’ to stressful searching… especially when you’re in a rush!


TOP TIP: Limit the number of things that you keep out on display on your bedside table. A bedside stand can hold a lamp and an alarm clock or smartphone to wake you up each morning but shouldn’t hold a pile of books, magazines and a variety of glasses and mugs with varied levels of beverage!


And there you have it! Our simple steps to make life easy, now go forth and keep bedrooms simple, stress-free and serene.


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