Smart and Simple Security

You may not like the sound of it, but your home is a target for criminals! You should try to make it as safe and secure as possible without breaking the bank or deploying private security personnel! Simple steps, like fitting new door locks or making sure you use those already fitted can be taken to improve the security of your home, protecting from the unexpected and keeping your family and possessions safe, easing the mind whether you’re home or away.


Tip 1 IconDon’t Rush

Dashing out of your home in a hurry can lead to forgetting about locking or double locking the front door, you may even forget to leave other doors and windows open in the rush! Show everyone in your home how to lock all doors properly, also ask that everyone checks for windows left open. Some modern door handle systems have built-in multipoint door locks, which are perhaps as secure as they get, but if you’re doors are a little older then consider fitting a 5 lever mortice door lock along with the existing deadlock night latch.


Tip 2 IconAlarm It

If you’ve got a home alarm system, then use it, and if not then have one installed. Opt for the maximum protection you can afford, deciding whether you want a simple system or one that’s connected to a company that monitors for activations 24 hours a day, providing an immediate response by alerting the police. It’s also a good idea to select an alarm whereby you can easily deactivate motion sensors in each room independently of the entire alarm system, allowing for you to still use it whilst at home. This feature is quite common and also helps if you have pets that are left home alone throughout the day.


Tip 3 IconEasy Access

A mistake that’s easy to make, yet just as easy to remedy, is leaving your keys on display. Placing your keys on the side or hanging them up next to the door doesn’t only enable, but encourages thieves to break the window or use a grab wire through the letter box to pick up your keys and let themselves in! Thankfully all you have to do is remember to place your keys in a draw or on a key rack inside a cupboard positioned away from doors and windows.


Tip 4 IconGarden Security

Gardens and driveways should be where intruders face the first line of defence protecting your home and family. We’re not talking about a Doberman or Rottweiler, but if you’ve got garden gates then keep them locked, and to improve fence security use fence spikes or SmartWater along with deterrent signage to send out a powerful warning to thieves. Don’t forget security lighting also, fit movement sensor lights by all entrances to your home to light up your driveway and garden discouraging thieves on their approach.


Tip 5 IconDon’t Leave Home

Not literally, but when you do leave home make it look like someone’s still there. Use random timer lights in rooms throughout your home, and if you’re going away for a couple of days or longer then ask a reliable neighbour or friend to pop in to draw the curtains along with move any post off the doorstep, after all there is nothing that says “I’m away” louder than a week’s worth of newspapers and junk mail building up in the porch.


Tip 6 IconSeal your Shed

Garden tools, power tools and the family’s bicycles are valuable possessions kept in most if not all garden sheds. Make sure to seal your shed and keep your valuables safe using barrel bolts and shed locks on the door and windows. You could even consider installing motion sensing security lights and a shed alarm.


Tip 7 IconSafe Place

Installing a safe for your jewels and most valued possessions is a great way to protect items that are of most importance to you. Cupboard safes however are easily lifted from your home and broken into by the thieves later once their away from the crime scene. So if you’re going to install a safe then the best type for homes is a floor safe that can be hidden underneath floor boards or a piece of furniture so that no one is aware of the location.


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