Steel Framed Windows & Doors

Home renovations have taken the population by storm in recent years, with homeowners looking to step away from the mould and create their own bespoke space. For many of us windows and doors are often overlooked when it comes to redecorating, but they form an integral part of an interior which impacts greatly upon the style of each room within your property. Surely for this reason, this is an ideal place to start your renovations, as it could provide the inspiration needed to help you think outside of the box and create a more unique living space.


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Typically wooden or PVC framed windows and doors are fitted within the modern home, but steel framed alternatives offer a versatile option for those looking to refit a contemporary home or sympathetically restore a period property. Steel frames are long lasting, hard wearing and available in many different colours for a truly tailored finish. Monochrome interiors are a particularly popular innovation at present and work well within both modern and period homes. For those looking to create a dramatic impact within any space, think striking black window frames against stark white walls accessorised with bold black door handles and curtain poles for a smart and uniform finish.


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Another appeal of steel framed windows and doors is that they need not only be used on your external walls. In fact, they can also be incorporated as a partition inside your home. This innovation has been used in both homes and offices to create the illusion of one light and open space. This is a particularly effective technique for those looking to maximise the potential of natural light throughout the home and instil an increased sense of space within each room, without the need to extend your property or convert your home into an open plan space.


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