Tips for Buying Bi Fold Doors

Bi fold doors have become increasingly popular in recent years leading to many of those people replacing their old sliding doors and door furniture selecting them over standard sliding doors. Not only do they look great and let the light through like normal glazed sliding doors but also concertina (fold), so giving you a much larger opening which is the perfect entrance/exit from your home into your garden or wherever you install them. Although Bi fold doors make a fantastic choice they cost more than other door types so it’s important you know what you’re looking for.


Tip 1 IconDoor Material

Manufacturing material is important in all door types but even more so when buying Bi fold doors as they concertina (fold up) each and every time you open them. Sliding along top and bottom fitted rails it’s important that the doors do not distort or twist with use else over time they may become difficult to open and shut. For this reason recommendations are that you buy metal bi fold doors, especially when there to be fitted with an exterior facing side.


Tip 2 IconDoor Hinges

As with all doors, the door hinges that are used are one of the most important items of door furniture. Door hinges support the weight of the doors while ensuring minimum effort is needed during operation. Choosing quality stainless steel door hinges will help to ensure that each door panel stays precisely where it should, allowing for easy and smooth operation. Stainless steel door hinges are also weather proof which is perfect for exterior facing bi fold doors.


Tip 3 IconPull Handles

Choosing bi fold doors with door pull handles on each panel will help you open and close the doors with minimal effort while reduce the strain put on the hinges and fixings.


Tip 4 IconDoor Locks

Door security shouldn't be overlooked if fitting bi fold door. Look for those that make use of deadlock door locks that operate by a single key from both inside and out. Each section of the bi fold door should also have its own door lock which when combined with anti-lift runners help to prevent panels been lifted out.


Tip 5 IconTracks

Much like railway tracks, door tracks are an extremely important part of bi folding doors. Not only should tracks be manufactured from stainless steel but they should be installed flush with the flooring so that they don’t create a tripping hazard. Another feature to look for when selecting tracks is that they have some kind of pre-attached draught excluder or insulation strip, this will not only reduce draughts but stop rain water coming in.


Tip 6 IconAir Ventilation

A nice feature to have is air vents, usually a sliding strip at the top of each panel that allows for ventilating the room without the need to open the doors.


Tip 7 IconDouble Glazing

When you’ve decided to go with bi fold doors, selecting low quality double glazing to save money is perhaps the worst mistake of all. With so much glass its worth spending slightly more and having quality glazing installed. Look for toughened safety glass so it can withstand accidents or even people walking straight into it without shattering. Also consider gas filled glazing to help insulate your property as efficiently as possible.


Once you’ve got the bi fold doors installed then from time to time you will need to adjust and maintain them to keep them operating as smoothly and effortlessly as possible, read our article on adjusting bi-fold doors for more details.