Tips for Jammed Doors & Windows

If you are having issues and wondering how to open a jammed door, we’ve put together some tips to ease the jam and open it without damage!


Tip 1 IconAvoid using force

Resist the temptation to force a jammed window or door open. There is a risk that the frame will be weakened, and the putty loosened. You may even crack the window glass.


Tip 2 IconWait for the swelling to go

When a door or window starts jamming in its frame with the onset of wet weather, it indicates that moisture is penetrating the paintwork. This causes the wood to swell. Do not plane down the edges of the opening or you are likely to end up with too big a gap when the wood dries out. Instead, wait for a dry spell and repaint.


Tip 3 IconSpeed up the drying process

Using a hot air gun, run it along the edges of the swollen door or window frame. This will draw moisture out of the wood. Use the hot air gun in short bursts so it just warms the surface without scorching it. Take care not to crack the glass if you are working on glazed door or window frame.


Tip 4 IconNo need to remove the door

You can plane the outer edge of a door if it is binding on the frame without having to take it off its hinges. Keep the door still as you work on it using a door wedge. Remove the lock or latch if there is a chance of the plane striking it. Plane off a little at a time, aiming for a 2mm gap between the door edge and the frame.


Tip 5 IconBreaking a paint bond

Casements painted into their frames can sometimes be freed by running a trimming knife around the edge. Then release any catches and bolts before tapping the casement open from inside using a wood block and mallet.


Tip 6 IconRising butt hinges

Do not plane the bottom edge of a door that scrapes on the floor the wider that its opened. Otherwise, you will end up with a wide, draughty gap when it is closed. Change the hinges for rising butt hinges, the spiral on the knuckle of the hinge lifts the door as it opens. Our rising butt hinges are available in both left and right handed, perfect for doors fitted over uneven flooring as they feature a 9mm rise when opened 180 degrees, aiding clearance over the floor.


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