Tips on Making Christmas Wreaths for Your Front Door

Making an attractive Christmas wreath for your front door or wherever you choose to hang it, is a simple decorative idea that will save money and bring on the holiday spirit. Gather up supplies and a selection of seasonal foliage then pour yourself a drop of mulled wine and get creative.


There are two basic methods of making a wreath, the first is by using a metal frame on which you attach the foliage, and the second is to use a foam base. Using these methods you can create a vast array of Christmas wreaths for your front door, bringing joy to all.


Tip 1 IconEssential Supplies

Before you get started make sure you’ve got all of the essential supplies you shall require to complete the job. These will include, the wire frame or foam, floral wire, gardening gloves, hanging hook, scissors, ribbons and bows, not to mention your choice of seasonal foliage.


Tip 2 IconWire Frames

Wire frames provide the strongest base for front door wreaths, they can be brought from almost all gardening stores, florists or even found in supermarkets at this time of year.


Tip 3 IconWreath Style

Depending on the style of wreath you shall be creating, single wire frames are ideal for elegantly delicate door wreaths whereas double and triple wire frames will provide enough support for layer upon layer of lush green evergreen and heavier foliage.


Tip 4 IconGreenery

Take a small bunch of greenery and lay it over a section of the frame attaching it with floristry wire. Wrap the wire tightly around the stems a couple of times and don’t cut it. Take another bunch and overlap the previous bundle by approximately half its length wrapping the wire round the stems again and repeating until you have attached greenery all around the frame.



Tip 5 IconHanging Loop

Once you have completed the covering of greenery, tuck the wire under the frame and secure with a knot. Cut the wire leaving several inches in which to twist into a hanging loop.


Tip 6 IconBring it to Life

Clusters of holy, mistletoe, red berries, jingle bells, pinecones, dried citrus fruits or even bows and ribbons will bring your wreath to life. Attach these with floristry wire or garden twine, tucking and twisting the ends into the greenery and wrapping/tying behind the frame.


Tip 7 IconTwinkle Twinkle

For added attraction and that starry night sparkle use a light coating of gold or silver spray paints on your greenery. An alternative is to spray a dusting of fake snow on the wreath to give you that chilly winters look.


Tip 8 IconHanging the Wreath

Suspend the wreath using wide ribbons pinned to the top of the door moulding, this will avoid creating fixing holes in your front door and add to the decoration.


The styles of Christmas wreath you can make and display are endless, but don’t stop there, add to the decorations and Christmas spirit using bundles of twinkling greenery, ribbons or bows attached to your door handles, door knockers and surrounding frame!