Tips on Repainting UPVC Windows

uPVC windows are relatively low maintenance. They are double glazed and are not prone to issues such as rotting and warping that many experience with wooden frame windows. However, plastic does not stay clean and fresh forever so here are our tips on renovating and repainting uPVC windows.


For this you will need: uPVC cleaner a soft cloth, rubber gloves, masking tape, paint brush, abrasive paper, uPVC primer (for a colour change) and uPVC white gloss (or coloured exterior gloss).


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Clean the window frame with warm soapy water or a special uPVC cleaner – the adhesion of the product relies on a spotlessly clean surface. Do not use a scrubbing brush or any abrasive material as this will scratch the surface and cause unsightly damage.


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After cleaning, mask off the edges of the glass on all four edges of each unit using strips of masking tape. This trick will make things much easier as the tape protects the glass from the paint if you slip with the paintbrush. Be careful when painting around the edges and once you are done, simply peel off the tape.


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Before applying any paint, make sure to stir the pot. Apply one even coat of uPVC gloss (or primer if changing the colour). Use a synthetic brush suitable for water-based paint for the best results. Apply an additional coat of paint after eight hours, or primer after four hours.


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Using a fine abrasive paper, sand off any imperfections once the first coat of paint or primer is dry. Wipe away any dust particles using a damp cloth. Apply the topcoat of white or the first coat of coloured gloss paint and allow to dry. If you have taken the colourful option, you will most likely need to apply another coat when the first is dry. Now clean your brushes with warm soapy water.


If you need to replace your existing window handles, we offer uPVC window handles in white and black finish to suit your interior and the paintwork of your window frame. Supplied complete with fixings and screws for ease of installation, our uPVC window handles feature a key lock for securing your home when the windows are closed. We also offer uPVC door handles in the matching finish to enable a cohesive aesthetic throughout your property.


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