Tips on Replacing a Bathroom Door Lock

Replace your faulty, old, or tired looking bathroom door furniture with a new bathroom lock and a stylish set of door handles with a matching thumb turn and release. Replacing a bathroom door lock is quick and simple with our tried and tested tips! So, scroll down for tips and upgrade your door furniture with our affordable, easy-to-install solutions!


What you will need:


To lock a bathroom door, you will need a bathroom door lock, a thumb turn and release and a pair of door handles. You will also need a screwdriver to remove and replace your hardware.


Enhance your bathroom privacy whilst showcasing your eye for interior accents with a modern finish to suit your décor and current plumbing fixtures. Available in polished stainless steel, polished brass and satin nickel, our internal bathroom door locks are supplied with all the fixings for ease of installation.


Our selection of bathroom thumb turns and releases are designed to be used on a bathroom door where privacy locking is required. The thumb turn operates the deadbolt as you turn it clockwise and anti-clockwise whereas the release component offers a practical and aesthetic appeal on the external side of the door. The emergency coin release will permit access from the external side of the door in the event of an emergency, which is a desirable feature for all families and households with elderly residents. All bathroom thumb turns are supplied complete with screw fixings and a 5mm spindle which passes through the door to facilitate operation.


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Start by removing the door handle. To do this, you may need to twist or pull the rose away from the door. Once the rose has been removed, you will see the screw fixings. Simply unscrew the fixings and the grub screw to remove the handle away from the door. Repeat this process on the opposite side.


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Using a screwdriver, remove the fixings from the strike plate and remove the lock from the door. Measure the backset of your existing bathroom door lock and ensure to choose a new bathroom lock with these measurements in mind. Check out our range here!


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Before fitting your new lock into door, check the configuration of the latch bolt. Our reversible latch bolts are suitable for doors that are right and left-handed.


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Fit your new lock into the door, securing it into place with the fixings on the strike plate.


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Thread the 8mm door handle spindle through the door and secure your new door handles on rose with the supplied fixings. Push or screw the rose to conceal the door handle fixings.


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To fit to the thumb turn and release, pass the 5mm spindle through the door lock door and lock. The 5mm spindle is the mechanism which throws the deadbolt into the lock and unlocking position when rotating the thumb turn and release.


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Screw the fixings securely into place and check that all components of your bathroom hardware are operating efficiently.


Your new bathroom lock should now be fully operational. If you have any further queries, get in touch with our friendly, award winning customer service team by calling 0333 772 9634 or by leaving your message in our Contact Us form.


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