Top 5 Bathroom Styles

From practical bathroom updates to decorative accessories, colours and textures, these bathroom design trends are the ones to watch! If you’re planning do make a few home improvements this year, you won’t want to miss what top designers are saying about bathroom trends!


Mixed Metallics


Metals are meant to be mixed. From faucets to hardware and bathroom accessories, this year it’s all about metallic combinations for a contemporary aesthetic. Mixing satin and polished chrome with matte black finishes creates the perfect monochrome look whereas warm polished brass with rich copper hues and matte black accents offer enviable appeal in neutral tone interiors.


Whether you want your metallic elements to dominate or simply remain subtle, our wide range of bathroom accessories has everything you need to update even the quaintest of spaces. From toilet roll holders to bathroom thumb turns and bathroom locks, our exclusive designs feature every desirable finish to create your own on-tend mixed metallic bathroom.


Bathroom Tubs


Tubs are taking a stand this year. Reminiscent of opulent stately homes and luxury hotel suites, freestanding tubs serve as a bathroom’s focal point. Offering an alluring quality with their high sides, deep soaking tubs give us the ultimate feeling of warmth and comfort. Enhance your pampering experience and embrace a little more self-care this year with the elegant and sculptural appeal of a freestanding bathtub. It’s the ultimate companion for those moments of relaxation.


Daring Dark Bathrooms


Bold black bathrooms are back this year and its black's big bid to win your heart. This daring, dark hue can terrify some as they contemplate the commitment to take the next step… but sometimes you’ve just got to take plunge. Staying in one lane gets boring, right?


The bold black interior theme is perfect for ensuites, family bathrooms and guest spaces. It creates a high-end aesthetic, evocative of luxury spa retreats where all your troubles seem to evaporate. For the ultimate dark interior, keep decor cohesive with fully blacked-out walls, floors and ceilings. Embellish black interior doors with satin black or matte black door handles to preserve the deluxe quality of ‘all black everything’. Pair black door handles with the matching hinges, bathroom thumb turn and bathroom lock for a stylish, undisturbed finish. Feature the matte black adhesive toilet roll holder on your black painted, tiled or textured wall.



Less Tech, More Texture


Get back to basics with the simple things. According to Architectural Digest, “While many brands focused on tech, others looked toward texture to create a sensory visual experience in the bathroom”.


With that being said, we introduce our luxury knurled door handles, available in satin stainless steel, matte black, copper and satin brass finish. Featuring a diamond-cut, criss-cross pattern on the lever and a smooth stem and radius rose, the knurled range offers the ultimate industrial style to any bathroom interior. If you’re looking for something quirky and unusual, our newest unique door handles on rose feature an enticing ribbed textured effect for a sturdy yet comfortable feel in hand. This exclusive design is available in matte black and polished chrome finish to suit all interior colour palettes.


Marbleised Wallpaper


Kitchens are all about calacatta marble elements whereas bathrooms are embracing marbleised wallpaper for a glamourous, contemporary look that packs a punch in bedroom ensuites and shared bathroom spaces.


Creating a ‘wow!’ moment every time you open the bathroom door, marbleised wallpaper is a must-have for bloggers, and everyone inspired by budget-friendly solutions to achieving the high-end aesthetic. Choose a marbleised wallpaper which features either a prominent copper or gold veining effect and accessorise with additional pieces in the matching finish. Our wide range of copper and satin brass door furnture and accessories makes styling simple and seamless in your beloved bathroom.


TOP TIP: Brass finishes are a great way to add a little luxe to your life.


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interiors and style, check out our previous blogs and be sure to visit our Pinterest for more inspiration!