Top Tips on Conserving Water

With the glorious summer sun beating down upon us and reduced levels of rainfall, we should all be conscious to try and conserve fresh water. This can be done simply by becoming savvier in the day to day running of our homes. Check out our top tips on how you can save water.


Tip 1 IconRecycling

It is important to reuse fresh water where possible, as this helps to conserve resources. Of course, you should always ensure that the water you drink is fresh. However, some greywater such as leftover bath or dish water can be reused for other endeavours like washing the windows or car. By reusing such greywater, you will be reducing your overall consumption of fresh water. This in turn may also help to reduce your water bills!


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Tip 2 IconDaily Regime

Simple amendments to your daily regime, like having a shower instead of a bath can have a huge impact on your overall water consumption. Similarly, if you only wash a few garments of clothing at a time then why not consider waiting until you have a full load to do your laundry? This way you will reduce the number of wash loads and in turn reduce your water consumption. Consider additional ways in which your daily routine could be improved to help reduce your water usage.


Tip 3 IconWater Butt

Water butts help the environment by capturing precious rain water during heavy rainfall and storing it safely for when you next need it. This enables you to water your plants during dry periods without switching on the tap! This can not only help you to decrease your water usage, but your plants will also thank you as rainwater is much more beneficial to them than tap water.


We hope that this has helped to inspired you to save water, but for more ideas on how to help the planet and save money on your energy bills, why not check out our earlier blog on how to Save Energy and Reduce Your Bills.