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Fresh, airy and mood lifting… that’s what homeowners are aiming for with their soft florals, colourful blooms and botanical prints in home decor! With an influx of botanical designs in the interiors market, it comes as no surprise that online bloggers and interior experts are flaunting their feel for the outdoorsy vibe!


This year we’ve seen plenty of homes with character, showcasing refreshing flower arrangements and floral prints, patterns and textiles in wallpaper, furnishings and accessories. Biophilic design continues to trend within the home-styling-sphere as more and more people see the benefits of bringing the outdoors in! Housing flowers at home can do more than simply enhance your living room’s aesthetic appeal as studies prove that flowers can help boost your mood, memory and aid with sleep. Here’s our tips for creating a ‘zen-ful’ experience at home with a vision of elegance and poise!


Tip 1 IconFlower Power Accent Walls

An accent or feature wall is a wall in which the design differs from the design of the other walls in a room. It isn’t a new concept in interior design, but it’s strongly admired and utilised for adding interest and visual depth to a living space. Accent walls are a sure-fire way to transform a room with colourful, intricate or bold designs. Dressed in either wallpaper or paint, accent walls are an easy and stylish way to tie in colours and themes for a unified aesthetic within an interior.


Bold, bright and exaggerated floral prints inspire fun and creativity whilst a soft palette and delicate pattern encourages relaxation. A floral print wall can help create stress-free, enjoyable environments at home with visions of nature. For a unique and modern look, make a striking statement with an abstract mural, featuring a busy pattern, cheerful colours and playful strokes.


Alternatively, choose oversized florals with a soft colour palette, such as blush pink, grey and cream, for a more understated demeanour. A subtle floral print lends itself perfectly to a social setting as family and guests gather around the dining table or lounge area. A few accessories, such as drink coasters and table cloths, in complementary shades can be added to create a cohesive feel.


Floral wallpaper designs range from classic to modern, subtle to exotic, so there’s something for all interior styles and personal tastes.


Tip 2 IconFloral Print Furnishings

Bring a contemporary feel to a space with modern floral accessories. Echo the colours of your larger furnishings, such as sofas and decorative wallpaper, with floral print statement throw cushions. Place block coloured cushions behind your floral prints to add comfort to the sofa whilst simultaneously drawing focus to your colourful abstract or naturalistic style cushion covers.


Unify themes by embellishing doors with high-quality door furniture. Copper door handles and those finished in matte black will add a unique and contemporary feel to interiors with their luxury qualities and classic designs. The polished copper and matte black finishes suit a variety of interior palettes and can be placed on any internal door with the matching escutcheons or bathroom locks. The duo chrome door handles for internal doors are a practical, attractive and easily affordable option for interiors that exhibit elements of polished and satin chrome within the décor. A highly versatile finish for any interior, these interior door handles command the attention of your guests with ultra-modern straight oval levers on round rose.


Polished Stainless Steel Door Handles on Rose


Tip 3 IconFlower Arrangements

In interior design, ‘elevate’ refers to something that’s been kicked up a notch or taken to another level through styling. To elevate a rooms aesthetic, you may consider subtle improvements by updating decorative features and accessories with new contemporary styles. The comfort of a room can also be elevated by adding a variety of textured cushions to the sofa and draping a luxury, thick faux fur throw blanket over the back-rest cushion.


A fresh display of flowers will breathe life and colour into your home. Simple white flowers possess a freshness and organic quality that speaks to our soul, enabling feelings of comfort and sophistication at home. White flowers brighten up darker rooms that emit more of a masculine demeanour. For an angelic dash of femininity, a full arrangement of short stem white flowers in glass vases can be placed on coffee tables and side cabinets next to plain white candles in glass jars.


Style your home with easy DIY flower arrangements and fill your space with delicate scents of nature. For a vintage farmhouse vibe, Country Living suggests crafting Mason jar vases at home, topped off with a twine bow around the top of the jar and an adorable hand-stamped tag.


To aid sleeping difficulties, you can place a bunch of lavender flowers next to your bedside to help create a relaxing environment for resting. Previous studies have found that smelling lavender before going to bed helps you experience more deep sleep, resulting in higher energy levels the following morning.


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