Turn Bedrooms into a Restful Retreat

Did you know that this month is National Bed Month? It’s all about raising awareness of how important a quality, comfortable bed is in helping to achieve a good night's sleep.


Not only is your bed an important factor in getting a restful night, there’s plenty of other factors within the room that can affect sleep. We’re here to give you some tips on how to turn your bedroom into a restful retreat!


To create a retreat, think about your basic senses including sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. By considering each sense, you’re able to assess the current state of your bedroom and determine what you can change about it to make it more comfortable.




Visual chaos can cause stress and anxiety which may affect your ability to relax and drift off to sleep. Try to maintain a clutter-free bedroom by keeping the bed, floor and furniture free from mess. Put worn garments in a wash basket, hang your clean, dried clothing up in the wardrobe and make it a habit to stop throwing clothes over the back of a chair after a long day at work.


Using electronic devices, like your phone, tablet or TV, before bedtime can be physiologically and psychologically stimulating in ways that can adversely affect your rest. The blue light emitted from these electronic devices keep your brain and body alert which makes it challenging to fall asleep.


As bedtime approaches, switch off any distracting electronics and allow your mind and body to relax. Put your phone on silent and keep it in a draw until the morning. If you want to read or watch something before you go to bed, simply lower the brightness of your device, turn on night-mode and avoid anxiety provoking material such as news, emails and social media.




During the warmer seasons, you may choose to have the window open as you sleep which is a great idea if you live in a rural location. For those that live in urban areas, the noise levels from outside can affect the quality of your rest, especially if you’re a light sleeper. If the noise pollution from a nearby rail round, motorway or busy road is particularly unpleasant, it may be better to open windows during the day, as opposed to at night, to ventilate your property.




Start with a good mattress and build upon this foundation to ensure that your bed is at an optimal state to induce tranquillity. Comfort is key to getting the best sleep possible!


Thermal comfort is also an important factor, so consider the season and the temperature both inside and outside your home. If you’re mindful of heating expenses in the freezing winter months, you may want to cosy-up in thermal fleece pyjamas and surround yourself with fluffy cushions, plush throws and a thick duvet. As the seasons get warmer, you should strip back on the thermal furnishings and opt for lightweight materials to let your skin breathe during sleep.


Not only is a closed door more energy efficient, it can also help to make you feel safe and secure as you sleep. If your interior door doesn’t stay closed, it may be that your door latch is failing. Simply replace the latch, if it still doesn’t close properly, you may need to tighten the fixings on the door hinges.




Consider the aroma of your bedroom. A strong fragranced automatic diffuser in confined spaces can make you feel a bit queasy or short of breath. If you love home fragrance and want to create that spa—experience before bed, choose subtle, calming scents like a lavender scented candle or an aromatherapy reed diffuser. An oil mist diffuser will also help to quell anxiety and agitation.




The NHS suggests that we should avoid eating heavy meals before bed which can cause night-time indigestion and result in discomfort and delayed sleep. It’s also important to clean and floss your teeth every night before bed.


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