NFC Ring Door Lock

Tired of carrying around a big bunch of keys in your pocket or perhaps you’re an uber geek that has to have all the latest gadgets, well the new NFC Ring maybe just the thing for you. It may be a bit James Bond but when we heard of the ring that can unlock and lock doors we thought it would make an interesting article while may also become a popular product one day, once they start shipping later this year.


Q’s new invention isn’t actually for 007, in fact it was developed by a team of computers hackers from the USA whom formed McLear Ltd, and whilst you would have thought this new door opening technology would come at a hefty price it is actually in easy reach for most of us although you will of cause need an NFC enabled door lock, something like the Samsung digital security lock that costs more than an average weeks’ salary!


So what is NFC I hear you ask, well NFC is similar to Bluetooth, standing for Near Field Communication which is a set of standards for smart phones and similar devices that enables them to establish radio communication with each other either by touch or bringing them into close proximity.


Manufactured from nickel-free titanium and available in three different designs, V1NTAGE, CLASSIC and SIGNATURE the NFC Ring has a style and size suitable for all technophiles and others that want this new technology. V1NTAGE design is a transparent band which shows off the tag circuitry within the ring, whereas the CLASSIC and SIGNATURE designs are simple white and black coloured bands with polished titanium edge.


There’s more to the ring than locking and unlocking doors, it is able to unlock smart phones and tablets, control applications and even share data with others. Also water resistant not only can you wash your hands, which would of course be a major design fault if you couldn’t, but meaning you can unlock your smart phone while snorkelling!


On a more serious note similar to that of unlocking doors without keys or data transfer, there are potentially millions of uses from healthcare to military where the NFC Rings could support their users.