Update a Porch Light to a Security Light

Amp up your home security with a few changes to the external side of your property! An exterior wall or porch light with motion sensor technology automatically lights up when visitors approach your home. Porch lights offer a sense of security and can be a great deterrent to intruders as the light switching on alerts you to someone within proximity of your property.

Not only is it a great security measure to have, security lights are also useful for when you’re searching for keys in your handbag at night time. Motion sensor lights can also be installed to sheds which is particularly beneficial if you store valuable equipment inside. Protect your home and read on for our DIY tips on changing a porch light to a security light.


For this task you will need: motion sensor security light, ladder, spanner, screwdriver, drill, wall plugs, hammer, wire strippers and pliers.


TOP TIP: Make sure to switch off the electricity at the main isolating switch before undertaking any electrical repairs or modifications. Failing to do so could result in serious injury. Make sure to read the instructions supplied with your motion sensor security light.


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Locate your existing porch light and safely lean your ladder up against the wall so that you can reach the fixings for removal. Make sure that you have the correct tool for unfastening the screws before you climb the ladder.


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Loosen the wall plate of the porch light to expose the wires inside. You should see a plastic connecting block. Unfasten the screws to release the wires and remove the light component from the base.


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Unscrew and remove the existing base plate.


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Attach the new base plate securely to the wall using the screws and wall plugs. The cable from the mains supply will pass through the base plate.


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Follow the instructions provided with your new motion sensor light to ensure that you connect the wiring correctly. Install the assembly securely in position.


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Switch on the power to test the light then adjust the angle of the sensor to suit your requirements.


The installation of your new motion sensor security light should now be complete! Continue your home security improvements by fitting our door viewer and security door chain lock. Featuring an attractive, neutral chrome finish, our front door furniture is perfect for every style of property. If you’ve recently moved to a new house or have lost many keys over the years, you should replace your front door lock with a new euro cylinder lock. Featuring anti-pick and anti-drill technology with 6 hardened steel pins, our euro cylinder locks are available in various sizes to suit your front door and they are supplied with 5 keys which can be keyed alike.


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