Updating Your Home on a Budget

Looking for inspiration on how to update your home, but struggling to achieve this on a budget? Look no further! Check out our top tips on how to create a modern and inspirational space without breaking the bank!


Tip 1 IconRepaint

A fresh lick of paint makes a big difference to the overall appearance of your room. It not only makes for a tidy and presentable space but also provides you with a black canvas on which to redesign your room. With a wide variety of colours and bespoke paint mixing services available, painting is a simple and cost effective way to refresh your room and bring it right back up to date!



Tip 2 IconAccessorise

Hoped to replace that dated sofa, but can’t justify the cost? Why not get creative and accessorise with a chic throw to reinvent its appearance. Complete the look by decorating with plush cushions, for a touch of indulgence at a fraction of the cost! Perhaps also consider updating other accessories within your space, for example, fitting new light shades and contemporary door handles to create a truly modern appearance.


Tip 3 IconFresh Flowers

Fresh flowers or potted plants are a great way to freshen up your space and come at a fraction of the price of decorative ornaments. Hyacinths are a great choice for the Autumn as they inject a flash of colour into your interior and will also disperse a sweetly scented aroma to perfume your room!


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