Utilising Space

We all have a ‘Box Room’ within our homes, but how does one best utilise this space to ensure it remains a calm and uncluttered haven? Of course, each household has a different use for their spare room. Most commonly the box room is intended to be a home office or a bedroom, but for many households this room ends up being used as an additional storage space. We believe that your spare room can be used exactly how you intend and still offer you the extra space you need to store all of your additional items. For inspiration on how best to achieve this read our top three tips below:


Tip 1 IconProportionate Furniture

Our number one tip for making the most of a small space is to think carefully about the size of the furniture you are going to install into your space. Consider the dimensions of the items you are planning to have in the room and ensure you will be satisfied with the amount of floor space left around this item once the furniture has been added to your room. In a box room office consider adding a slimline desk, for example.


Tip 2 IconStorage Space

A little organisation can go a long way! Make sure that your items have a designated place within the room and keep your items tidy to ensure chaos does not pursue! Consider space saving items like a divan bed, for example, to maximise on available storage space within your room. Don’t be afraid to have a clear out from time to time to ensure your room does not become overloaded with excess items!


Tip 3 IconBright Interior

Choose your lighting carefully. A dark and dingy room can often feel claustrophobic, so if your room is also on the cosy side ensure you have maximised the amount of potential natural light in your room. Where possible install voiles rather than blinds at your windows to soften bright sunlight streaming through your window during the daytime and choose light, neutral shades for your curtains and carpets. This does not mean that you need to settle for a bland room, but instead be mindful of the overall impression of the space you are creating. Adding colourful feature pieces can be a great way to add a little interest into your room. Displaying a colourful painting and fitting polished internal door handles, is a great way to inject a little personality into your room.


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