What to do After a Burglary

If you think your house has been burgled it is important to first relocate to a safe place in case the intruder is still in your home. Next you should inform the police of the incident and wait until they have arrived to re-enter your home. Once you are sure your home is free from intruders and the police have finalised their investigations, you can then commence sorting through your home.


Tip 1 IconEntrance Points

Assess all entrance points to identify any security issues and sort through your belongings to identify any stolen or damaged possessions. Check specifically for high value and personal documents such as passports, bank cards and any other paperwork or devices containing any sensitive information. Once you have assessed the damage you will need to advise your insurance company, bank and any other relevant organisations of the burglary, noting any missing items, so that the relevant action can be taken to secure your information.


Should you have found any damage to your entrance points, it is important to address this promptly in order to make safe your home. If you believe keys to have been removed from your home, then it is advisable to get the door locks changed asap.



Tip 2 IconAdditional Security

You may even wish to consider installing additional security features to prevent burglary reoccurring in the future. There are a number of options available to help increase security in your home, from exterior lighting to home alarms and camera systems. You may even wish to consider joining your local neighbourhood watch group, to help you feel more secure in your neighbourhood.


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