Which Size Flush Bolt?

Deciding which size flush bolt to buy can be confusing for those who haven’t fitted door furniture before. With numerous sizes available, it’s important to order the correct size for a easy installation. Our flush bolts are available in four different sizes, all of which you shall find the dimensions are detailed within the descriptions.


Designed for use on double doors, lever action flush bolts keep one of the double doors shut whilst the other door is used. Featuring a thumb operated lever, the door is held closed with a flush bolt positioned at the top and/or bottom of the door.


Some double doors will only have one flush bolt installed at the head or foot of the door and operate with the bolt sliding upwards or downwards into the keep.


There are two positions in which to install flush bolts, either on the narrow edge of the door or on the face of the head or foot of the door. Our flush bolts are suitable for both applications. Before ordering, you need to check the height and width of the flush bolt required and note down the measurement in millimetres.


Lever Action Flush Bolt for French Doors 200 x 19mm Polished Stainless Steel
Flush Bolt for French Doors 250 x 19mm Satin Stainless Steel
Lever Action Flush Bolt for French Doors 250 x 19mm Polished Stainless Steel


Our flush bolts are also available in two finishes including brushed satin and polished stainless steel to ensure a cohesive fit with your existing or new door furniture. For ease of installation, the flush bolt is supplied complete with all the required fixings and a keep to be fitted on the casing or threshold of the door frame.


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