How to Build a Garden Shed

In the summer the garden becomes much more demanding, requiring regular tending. A shed is fantastic for storing all of your garden essentials, providing a secure and easily accessible storage space. If you are considering building a shed in your garden, then check out our top tips on how to approach this!


Tip 1 IconLevel Foundations

Paving slabs are perhaps the most common choice for those laying a base on which to build a shed. Before you lay your slabs it is important to level the ground, as this will help to ensure your shed sits level and that the door opens smoothly and shuts with ease. Once you are certain that the base is level you can lay your slabs. Typically sand is used below the paving slabs that are then fixed into place with cement. It is important to let the cement dry and harden before you begin to construct your shed, so be sure to follow the instructions on the cement you are using to ensure you have left adequate drying time.


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Tip 2 IconAssemble the Shed

Every shed is different, so it is important to follow the instructions provided when assembling your shed. Typically however you would start by laying the base followed by the sides, ensuring that you hang the door before erecting the front panel. Finally the roof can be added to complete the structure. Once you have the basic framework assembled the finer details such as windows and waterproof membrane can be fixed into position.


Tip 3 IconFinishing Touches

Once your shed is fully constructed, it may be worth applying shed preserver to ensure its longevity, along with installing a hasp and stable with waterproof padlock to keep your tools secure.


We hope this how to guide has provided a useful insight into how to build a garden shed. For more information on how to prepare your garden for summer, why not read our previous blogs National Gardening Week and 8 Tips for Painting a Garden Fence.